What a year! We cannot believe it's only 2 months until Christmas which will means we've been Togethr in business for 18 months, time flies when you're having fun.  We thought we would share with you what we've been up to....

Our exciting news is that we recently moved into a new office in the CBD, there's a great coffee machine and plenty of space to connect, so if you're in town and want to chat then pop in and see us.

Over the past few months we've been helping a few organisations navigate change, as they grow, reorganise or shrink their teams.  One thing we noticed along the way was those companies with solid HR foundations navigated the change easier than those who didn't.  By foundations we mean the likes of having clear policies, up to date employment agreements and clear position descriptions in place.  This prompted us to write a wee blog which you might have seen, but if you haven't here it is!

The struggle has been real for a number of leaders over the past few months, keeping remote teams motivated and on track, and dealing with team members who have shown less resilience than others.  We've enjoyed working with the leaders of many of our clients, coaching them to be the best leader they can be and develop their leadership toolboxes.  If you ever feel like you, or someone in your team needs to top up their toolbox then please let us know.

After lockdown we recognised the need to help those who were feeling a little lost after losing their jobs through Covid19, so we set up our weekly GET TOGETHR.  Since May we've met weekly with anyone who wants to join us to go for a walk and coffee.  During the time together we've discussed our walkers job search and kept them on the right track making sure they weren't missing an opportunity, and more importantly we feel we've played a role in keeping them motivated and having purpose.  We are feeling proud and chuffed for the many of our Get Togethr team who have now found either contract, permanent employment or self-employed opportunities.  We've seen some pivot their career and given them the courage to try something new, which has been really exciting for all.  

We were delighted to be contacted by the NZ Concrete Contractors Association to be guest speakers at their annual conference.  We were tasked with sharing our knowledge on how to attract and retain decent talent in the current market.  It was great being in a room full of passionate, straight talking people with loads of questions that we were able to assist with.  They wanted us to stick around longer, but being late on a Friday afternoon we had other arrangements!

In addition to the above we've been busy on the usual stuff - general HR, training teams of leaders on best practice recruitment and performance management; and we've completed a few recruitment projects placing some great new employees into growing organisations.

We are getting savvy on social media so be sure to connect on the platform that best suits you, or if you're up for it then all three! Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram.

Looking forward to catching up with you all soon and in the meantime remember .... To Get HR ....get Togethr!

Viv & Penni