Looking for a new job can be exhausting and at times it’s like riding a roller coaster.  Getting super excited and on a high when you see a great job advertised, you get the energy to quickly go about putting your application together.  And then of course you hit the bottom at speed as the rejection letters (or *P.F.O’s as my job seeking friend calls them) start rolling in.

We’ve put Togethr™ some tips to keep you strapped in, safe and smiling throughout the ride:

Don’t spend all day looking!

Job seekers can fall into a trap of spending all day scrolling through online job boards, looking at the same ads several times. You won’t miss anything by only looking once a day so pick your time each day, do your search and then try to move on to something more exciting.  


Don’t reply immediately!

Don’t get caught up in the excitement of seeing your dream job advertised.  Give your application some thought before firing off your CV as soon as you see a role advertised.  Make sure you align your cover letter and CV to the role, trying to showcase how you match the competencies of the job.    


Maximise your free time helping others!

Don’t get stuck in front of Netflix, volunteering in an environment that you feel passionate about is a great way to fill in your new free time.  Spending time helping out a charity or sports club could be your way to stay energised, meanwhile you’re gaining more experience, meeting new people and filling a gap on your CV.


Learn something new!

You don’t need to necessarily sit in a class room to learn new skills, although you absolutely could if you wanted to.  Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn and refresh your knowledge, and can be done while you’re out walking the dog!


Tell everyone!

You need to let everyone in your networks know that you are looking and available for any opportunity.  If those in your network don’t know you’re looking for a job then you won’t be top of mind when they hear of a vacancy that could be suitable for you.  So when you’re sitting on the top of the rollercoaster shout out and let everyone know!



One thing is certain, the ride will end when you secure your next job… in the meantime why not try something new to make yourself smile.



*first word Please, last word Off